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Competitive sourcing foreign products, which also help relaket!

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Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Quick and easy online global sourcing of various products through drop-shipping services
  • Expanding domestic conjunction with the main marketplace and sales channels
  • Own Overseas fastball abroad are full of hot ittem Mall opened
  • Market customers yuipryul / easy purchase conversion tracking for each channel
Drop-shipping Service
Easy Sourcing International ittem

Relakete Center is a popular Relaket selling foreign goods that they are variously ipjeom. Explore the available overseas products global delivery sourcing now quickly and easily online.

Integrated Market Management System Service
How effective sales overseas sourcing products

If you use the relaket Market integration management services, allowing six domestic open market, selling works, and integrate and edit jonghapmol shop management. Sourcing overseas, try the item sold in a variety of market channels.

Store Services
Creating choganpyeon abroad fastball Mall

Create your own mall abroad fastball as a global sourcing merchandise. Goods category also create your own editing shop to decorate my disposal easier to sites abroad fastball group is most preferred.

additional option
  • Integrated Market Management System

    Domestic / overseas major markets linked and integrated sales management services

  • Partner Program

    SNS share-based marketing support services


    Pictorial online services for product promotion

Sourcing goods from overseas easy racquet and relaket can be sold to the domestic market at a time of simultaneous registration

Global Sourcing We are selling these products overseas to domestic shipping can drop shipping to sell the bulk of its malls and domestic open market.