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It greatly relieves the burden of in the online business.
글로벌 쇼핑몰 Global shopping mall
  • Personal domain connection.
  • Multilingual application.
  • Connecting to overseas PG.
  • Free template provided.
  • Provides marketing tools and additional functions.
Scope of service.
Unlimited product registration.
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited traffic.
By level Free ~ 300,000Won/Mon
마켓통합관리 Market integrated management
  • Provide integrated product management
  • Provide integrated order management
  • Provide real-time inventory management.
  • Support for linked schedule management.
  • It’s linked to overseas markets.
Scope of service.
Up to 20,000 linked products.
Unlimited collection of orders.
Unlimited shopping mall IDs.
By level 300,000 ~ 900,000Won/Mon
드롭쉬핑 Dropshipping
  • Affordable supply price product composition.
  • High quality products.
  • Sourcing excellent overseas products.
  • Ordering products automatically.
  • Automatic delivery and monitoring.
Scope of service.
Recommended popular items for categories.
Unlimited choice of prize.
Unlimited collection of orders.
By level Free ~ 200,000Won/Mon
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Various free benefits are provided through Plus.
  • 파트너 프로그램
    Partner Program
    Low cost and high efficiency word-of-mouth marketing.
  • 룩북
    Making a simple online catalog.
  • 스토어 스킨
    Store skin.
    Template with various designs.
  • 릴라켓페이(간편결제)
    (Simple Payment)
    Pay right away without any complications.
  • SEO
    Exposing the store at the top of the search engine.
  • 챗봇 연동
    Connecting the chatbots.
    Customer counseling 24 hours a day on chatbots.
  • 통계
    Statistics, big data-based operation.
  • 통합 SCM
    Integrated SCM
    Supply and inventory management at once.
  • 클라우드 인프라
    Cloud infrastructure
    Secure excellent security performance and reliability
  • 정산
    Simple settlement management.
  • SNS 공유
    SNS sharing
    Selling products through SNS.
  • 네이버서비스 연동
    Connecting to Naver service link.
    Naver Shopping, Talk Talk, Smart Store.
Check out useful services to increase sales.
Features provided by external service providers such as notification talk and SMS will be guided by fees on the
applicable service application page.


It is a function of creating a number of pre-sale malls (reproduction malls of headquarters shopping malls).
~25,000 won/month for 50 franchises.
51-300 franchises. 5,000,000 won/month.
8,000,000 won/month for 301 to 1,000 franchises.
10,000,000 won/month for 1,001 franchisees.

Edit Shop

It is a function to build a store-type editing shop.
~25,000 won/month for 100 stores.
From 101 to 500 stores, 5,000,000 won/month.
KRW 8,000,000/month for 501 stores.

Multilingual translation.

It is a function that automatically translates the registered product name, product description, and
language exposed to exhibition management.
30,000Won/Mon. 아이콘
Unlimited use.
Product name
Brief explanation of the prize.
Brief introduction of the product.
Special exhibition and event title.

Lookbook premium.

It's a high-definition lookbook service.
(Exceeding 1920*1080px image can be registered)
Online lookbook production (high definition)

Application for PG direct franchise.

We will apply for PG membership on behalf of you. (KSNET, NICEPAY Overseas PG is separate)
Subscription fee 200,000won/time
Apply the direct franchisees.
Acting for registration.

ISMS Consulting.

It is a response preparation and consulting service related to ISMS certification.
300,000~ Won/Gun.
Additional 300,000 won/gun for basic settings and user management functions.
Inquiries about consulting costs.

Global CDN.

It is a function that transmits content at a stable and high speed for overseas shopping malls.
Per 100G usage.

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