Registered domestic and overseas open markets at once
Relaket market integrated management

The integrated management of
sales channels, including product registration, order, delivery, and claim management by domestic and foreign markets, becomes easier and easier.

  • I wish I could register my product in
    once in many markets...
  • If you can collect and process products, orders, shipping, claims, etc. by market in
    one place...
  • If
    calculate exchange rate is converted automatically when selling to the global market...

If only once adequate domestic and international markets by simultaneous product registration

In the domestic market relaket integrated management, as well as both are linked to the global market together. At a time when you register your product! At a time when market prices or modify the ads! The hassle is enough just once.

  • UP to ease cumbersome task only once!ConvenienceUP! UP!
  • Easy increase in sales channelexpansion sales UP! UP!

Order/Ship/Clayout chart by market
Clear at once

Order, delivery, and claim management that had to be managed separately for each market! Now collect, check and manage at a time in RELAKET Market Integrated Management We will definitely reduce the seller's unnecessary waste of time.

Batch Collect Batch processing Markets products, ordering, shipping, collecting bulk Claims As it reported in one batch fromRelaket Market Integration Management

Do not hand off a lot going Inventory Management

Every time the order comes, every check also troublesome and sometimes can not micheo not hold inventory situation should cancel your order, did you truly embarrassed? relaket Market Integration Management In the inventory is automatically updated each time the order is cause can be identified immediately Inventory Inventory The.

  • Inde sales channels are several inventory check each time you enter orders so annoying ...
  • Yes no inventory! When you cancel your order would lower sales figure ...
  • And there will automatically update inventory management've been easier!
  • When I focused on marketing to inventory management, time never happened! Sales!

The start of a global seller
also Relaket

In the beginning of the global Sellers it will also be much easier to relaket. This automatic conversion is also supported exchange penned always nervous when global markets begin selling Relaket in Relakete, too, global selling to a global language, automatic translation, convenient overseas shipping.

  • Currency Conversion System automaticallywithout need to calculate separately
  • Global LanguageAutomatic Translation
  • Support fast and easyoverseas shipping
We are continuously expanding
domestic/overseas market channels to support customer sales growth.

Market Integration Management PLAN Details

Number of product associations 100EA 2,000EA 10,000EA 20,000EA 40,000EA 80,000EA

What is the number of integrated market management products?Number of times products are registered in conjunction with various markets, such as open markets/ general malls.

  • Modify / delete linked to the product linked to each market is no limit on the number of
  • Each channel Marketplace Categories auto / manual mappings
  • Each channel market trade name, details and shipping policies can be set and changed
Order Collection Count 100EA 2,000EA 10,000EA 20,000EA 40,000EA 80,000EA

What is order collection? Order Number gathering occurred in the Market

  • Excluding the number of orders collected due to cancellation/refund
  • If the number of orders is exceeded, it will be charged an additional 20 won per case, so we recommend upgrading the rate within one month.
Setting fee The initial installation cost For Free For Free For Free 500,000MYR 700,000MYR 1,000,000MYR
Monthly fee (VAT inclusion/including) 30,000원 For Free 100,000 MYR 200,000 MYR 400,000 MYR 550,000 MYR 900,000 MYR
Basic Features
Integrated Product Management menu
Affiliate management works Menu
  • Basic Setting
  • Interlock Affiliate Company
  • Detailed sales statistics
  • Sales channels Statistics
Associated services

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