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Creating my own store is basic!
Combine it with a variety of RELAKET services.

Dropshipping Sales
Overseas Market Interlink
SNS marketing
Interlink domestic market

Domestic and Overseas shopping malls at once
RELAKET Global Service

We put all the necessary functions for online business and the power functions for growth in one.

통합 관리자

Integration Manager


Shopping mall

Based on the domestic mall, a store is provided for integrated operation as a single administrator to overseas mall.

Expand sales of domestic and overseas markets by registering products.
Relacket Market Integrated Management Service

Once registered, you can manage product orders integrated into 17 domestic and 12 overseas markets.

통합 관리자

Integration Manager

Item Data


Order, CS Data


We are continuously expanding domestic and overseas market channels through API linkage.

Link Naver Services for Naver Smart Store Sellers

Automated link between the relacket store and the smart store makes it easier to manage and easily expand to other open markets.

Item Data


Order, CS Data

Products that are already registered in the smart store can also be automatically registered as a relacket conveniently through API linked .

Online promotion and marketing without money
RELAKET SNS Marketing sevice

It is easy to partner with influencer and help my members share and promote store products on SNS through the Appealite system.

릴라켓 sns

'The RELAKET influencer Center' will soon open for campaigns using influencer.


Upload Items You can register 10 of my products (for experience). You can register your prize unlimitedly.
Traffic and capacity Disk capacity unlimited traffic unlimited capacity external image links can not (however, drop shipping items can be external image link)
Global Language
  • English
  • Chinese(간체, 번체)
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
Payment Services Domestic payment services Relaket Taipei, integrated electronic payment (PG service), and express payment services, international integrated electronic payment (PG Services)

International Payment Services International Integrated electronic payment (PG service), simple payment service
AliPay / TenPay / PayPal / Visa / Master / Amex / JCB / UnionPay / MolPay
How to join PG
How to join the representative alliance.
  • - It is a basic payment function provided by Lilacet and does not require a separate franchise contract with PG.
  • - Subscription fee: Free.
  • - Annual fee: Free.
  • - PG fee: 3.7% domestic credit card (Fee for each payment method is separately notified when setting up a payment module)
How to join the club.
  • - You must apply for a separate franchise contract with PG through Lilacet, and a separate setting process is required.
  • - Subscription fee: Paid or temporary exemption
  • - Annual fee: Temporary exemption
  • - PG fee: 3.4% of domestic credit cards (Fee for each payment method is separately notified when setting up a payment module)
Payment fees Credit card3.8% (Other fees guide)
May use pricing Including VAT. For Free 50,000MYR
TIP Use If you do not know what to begin production from the mall where minute Anyone who hopes to sell no products, please begin to store Lv1. If you have a minute if you want to run a mall and also, earnest product to sell, or a shopping mall and operational experience to select the Store Lv2.
Basic Features
  • Store Management
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Members
  • Product
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Shippings
  • Shipping Policy
  • Manage Coupons
  • Customer Center/Management Board
  • PC Exhibitions / Promotions
  • Mobile Exhibitions / Promotions
  • Interlocking Naver service
  • Manage Exchange / Return Requests
  • Store Stats (Dashboard)
  • Settlement management
  • Global sales set
  • Sales Application
Associated services
Interlocking Naver service

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