No-capital stock selling service
relacket dropshipping

You can leave both cumbersome shipping and inventory burdens to the relacket and focus more on sales and business.

  • Don't worry if you don't have my product Start a business with wholesale products
  • Tired inventory management Managed by a wholesale supplier of relacette
  • When an order comes in to my store Relacket wholesale supplier directly processes it

Relaket wholesale agency
is full of top-selling products

In Relakete drop shipping cheap bulk supply horizontal securing main category
Popular products such as fashion, beauty to help steady sales activity of the seller.

  • Focus on a variety of products
  • A trendy product that is updated daily
  • High-quality products cheap Supply price

This product without my OK!
Product photography, inventory burden is NO!

In Relakete Relaket without my products it can be founded. Try to simplify sourcing products to sell through the relakets Relaket drop shipping online.

  • Select the desired product sold in relakets Relaket drop shipping
  • Products provided by the Riel Relaket wholesale suppliers image as a My Store
Find Wholesale Source hassle freeNO!Product shotNO!Inventory burdenNO!

Do not troublesome thing,
inventory management, shipment processing

Cumbersome inventory management, shipping cumbersome process cumbersome and complicated thing now left to leave all relakets Relaket drop shipping.

  • I also enabled one to understand about the numbers together ... Every day Availability ...
  • Every night, product inspection, and one ilhi product packaging and courier to send dollars to go ... tired ...
  • Depending on the area, the shipping weight dareune ...? To courier contracts that should be more than 100 cases July delivery!?
  • Delivery Processing
  • Buy products
  • Delivery Request
  • consumer
  • Supplier
  • Seller
The easiest way to run a mall Relakete Drop shipping Relaket!

Competitive sourcing foreign products, which is also
easy on the Relaket drop shipping

If sellers are selling the same product listed more concerned about price competition,
try to sell them overseas sourcing goods from Relaket drop shipping.

  • Relaket, select a product to sell in the global wholesale supplier
  • Relaket product images as provided by global wholesale suppliers registered in my store
Competitiveness of my storeUP!Loyal customers can beUP!

Drop shipping PLAN Details

상품Pick 수

The total number of items that can save the product PICK Store

500EA 10,000EA 무제한
주문수집 수

Order number (except for cancellation / refund) that occurred only in the Pick a Product

50개/월 500개/월 Unlimited
Inventory reflect features Store inventory Pick goods interlocked update product updates conjunction with national and international market channel inventory Pick goods and works
Ordering and delivery capabilities Order auto order feature

Pick products automatic delivery / monitoring functions

Invoice numbers automatically issue features / shipment tracking function
월 이용료 (VAT 포함)
  • For Free
  • 30,000MYR
  • 80,000MYR

※ 주문수집 수 초과시 건당 100원씩 추가 과금되므로, 1개월 이내에 요금 업그레이드를 권장하고 있습니다.

Basic Features
Pick Market
  • Pick Categories
  • Search Product Pick
  • Brands
  • Exhibition
  • Customer Center
  • My Page
Drop shipping Back office
  • Sales Facts
  • Pick Product
  • Pick Order Management
  • Delivery monitoring
  • Pick Settlement
Associated services
TIP Use If the preliminary business starting out selling products Experience with online sales drop shipping Level 1 for free. Anyone who hopes to shopping the establishment or formulated Beginner / Inventory concerned sold to domestic / international market, without a drop shipping select Level 2. Anyone who hope a lot of product distribution / sales by member companies and professional workers, we recommend the drop shipping retail level 3.

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