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Mall establishment, do not wait until everything is ready!

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Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Click your own online store that is easily created with a few
  • Online fashion sourcing and inventory management need not have formulated offline
  • PG complex application and review process NO! Resolved once the relakets Relaket representatives participating
  • SNS linked to the main channel to promote and facilitate product tracking channels yuipryul / conversion rate
Store Services
10 minutes preparation tips founded

Business registration, product sourcing, product registration, product image is taken, the domain purchase, PG examination, including founder average start-up preparation period of three months. Now relaket through the Relaket Free Store skip all the preparation period and try to start selling immediately.

Drop-shipping Service
창업 아이템 온라인 소싱하기

릴라켓 드롭 쉬핑 서비스에는 잘 팔리는 다양한 상품들이 입점되어 있습니다. 창업 아이템이 없으신 분도 온라인에서 누구나 쉽게 상품 소싱이 가능하며, 공급사에서 배송까지 모두 대행해드립니다.

additional option
  • Integrated Market Management System

    Domestic / overseas major markets linked and integrated sales management services

  • Partner Program

    SNS share-based marketing support services


    Pictorial online services for product promotion

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