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Even if you only promote products, we also help to secure new buyers from Relakete Relaket!

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Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Retail customers through targeted promotional relakets Relaket Online Showroom
  • Zoom effective product promotion and exposure of your product dealer online
  • Quick and easy upload feature simultaneous bulk product image
  • Facilitating season's online catalog creation and new product promotion through rukbuk
Store Services
Create your own online showroom

And even upload & download product images lighter mass, can also promote products through the SNS sharing KakaoTalk / Cacao Story / wechat. Easy and convenient to take advantage of the relaket online store showroom, try expanding your customer.

Rukbuk Service
Online Visual Marketing

By taking advantage of the rukbuk feature a variety of layouts is also easier online catalog production for the new season's promotion. How captivating the attention of the most demanding customers, and possible rukbuk.

additional option
  • Drop shipping

    Formulated / Inventory / Shipping line item sourcing services without worry

  • Integrated Market Management System

    Domestic / overseas major markets linked and integrated sales management services

  • Partner Program

    SNS share-based marketing support services

If you only sell product, please leave it to a professional seller in Relakete Relaket

Through the relaket, Relaket Store, registered its products through a drop shipping SCM integration with its B2B wholesale mall opened.