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It surpassed the limits of online and offline global franchise business, your experience now!

가맹점에 온라인 스토어를 분양해
본사와 가맹점의 온라인 매출
함께 늘리고 싶어요
분양된 스토어들의 관리
한 곳에서 한번에 처리하고 싶어요
사업유형별 플랜
Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Online store with the local merchants association headquarters and store pre-sale
  • The merchant-specific online store sales statistics, analysis pre-sale support
  • Overseas markets and global products sold through the Global Store
  • Batch of integrated management of goods and inventory of the merchant store and order & delivery
Store Services
Online Franchise Solutions

Difficult and complex offline franchise operating online is the easier and simpler. Online pre-sale merchants, and from the integrated management to the global expansion, please contact us now.

additional option
  • Drop shipping

    Formulated / Inventory / Shipping line item sourcing services without worry

  • Integrated Market Management System

    Domestic / overseas major markets linked and integrated sales management services

  • Partner Program

    SNS share-based marketing support services


    Pictorial online services for product promotion

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