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Fashion Brand Businesses

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I would like to expand the sales channel not only to the domestic market but also to the major overseas markets.

I want to strengthen the online promotion of my brand.

Plan by business type
Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Global Store which features all of the features, such as Global Language / Currency / Payment Support
  • Sales and integrated management of works and major Southeast Asian Marketplace
  • Online catalog creation and implementation of an online showroom with a variety of layouts rukbuk
  • Lou utilize influenza eonseo marketing capabilities through the purchase of a contribution-based tracking Partner Program
Store Services
Through the Station Mall fastball Global Sales

Twenty / one / one global language, currency conversion automatically, similar to the global store sales to customers around the world as possible fastball Station Mall, designed and produced to mark the shopping experience of overseas customers, global payment assistance is available. (Requires an additional application Global Services)

Integrated Market Management System Service
Easy expansion overseas markets

If you use the relaket Market integration management services, allowing six domestic open market, selling works, and integrate and edit jonghapmol shop management. Sourcing overseas, try the item sold in a variety of market channels.

Service Partner Program
Easy inflation Lou eonseo Marketing

Partner activities and paid through the Rewards Program in accordance with the purchase contributions in social media marketing is more effective influenza Lou eonseo possible based on the users who have a fixed follower.

Rukbuk Service
Overseas Buyers To Promote Brand

You can introduce your brand to overseas buyers online catalog and showroom operations to promote the new season's over rukbuk feature a variety of layouts.

additional option
  • Drop shipping

    Formulated / Inventory / Shipping line item sourcing services without worry

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