Overseas Distributors

Without the burden of languages ​​right now advance to the Korea market!

  • Inde global distributor directly enter
    the open market in South Korea
    want to sell products
  • The language of the administration tool
    if you wish to vary gotta support
    the Korean knowing convenient operation
Service Benefits
Recommended relaket
  • Similar to SCM's major international markets to design and support a multi-language translation capabilities SCM
  • Korea's leading open-market, integration of sales management and jonghapmol, edit shop
  • Korea opened its mall to sell its products
  • Market customers yuipryul / easy purchase conversion tracking for each channel
Integrated Market Management System Service
Convenient Korea market entry methods

Translation similar to the SCM in each major national market in order to enhance the ease of use of the International SCM administrator and through the International SCM designed relaket can batch interlock and sell goods as the main open market in South Korea, jonghapmol, online editing, shop, etc. There is.

additional option
  • Store

    Personalized service that quickly and easily create an online mall

  • Drop shipping

    Formulated / Inventory / Shipping line item sourcing services without worry

  • Partner Program

    SNS share-based marketing support services


    Pictorial online services for product promotion

Multilingual SCM and Korea markets linked to conveniently enter the Korea market

Use the relakets Relaket to multilingual SCM can collectively sell goods to South Korea open market, jonghapmol, shop online editing.