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A strong partner to enter the Japanese market
Japan Sales Agency Service

Discover opportunities for growth in Japan, the world's third largest e-commerce market, with relaket.

Increased preference for Korean products

New Hallyu and K item craze
Popularity of Korean products centered on young people

Testbed for Global Advancement

Low opportunity cost compared to other regions due to geographical advantages and similarities

Expand e-commerce

Introduction of middle-aged people with high purchasing power, continued growth due to non-face-to-face trend

Various sales channels

Various shopping channels such as Rakuten, Quten, SNS, Messenger, etc.

Easy to sell in Japan, which is tricky and difficult.

Provides a one-stop solution

We offer solutions that focus on sales know-how of
relaket to target the tight Japanese market with little effort.

  • High barriers to entry entrance fee
  • Language, CS Relaket Staff asked for the 1st CS and Q&A.
  • Tough Penalty Enforcement of regulation laws in Japan pre-measures
  • Logistics Handling Seller, buyer
    Check logistics that is convenient for all
  • High operational difficulty Product-optimized
    sales, marketing plans established

Sales are growing from place to place at the same time.

Multi-Channel Sales

From Japan's representative open market to Forbes direct purchase mall, we sell it to various channels with one product registration.

It captivates the hearts of local customers in Japan.

Japanese marketing

Target marketing based on Japanese culture and customer understanding can maximize conversion to purchases at low cost.

  • Market Research
  • Local language copy
  • Register Review
  • Mail/App Push
  • SNS Experience Group Activity
  • Report Delivery

Select in order to sell out the Japanese market

Step-by-step expansion strategy

From partner contracts to logistics and content production, actively target the Japanese market in stages of

Sales agency contract
Sales Progress Sell as Forbes Account 1st CS at Forbes
Marketing Progress
Operation of Advertising and SNS Marketing
Monthly Experience Group
Extended Services
Local Logistics, Channel Expansion
Content Production (Live)

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