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Uncertain overseas market
Global marketing service

Do you want to enter China, Southeast Asia, North America or increase your competitiveness?
This service guides you through your success strategy based on local experience and trends.

The road to a global brand Global marketing service will push you.

In various fields such as overseas production/branding/sales/media promotion
We will implement the most effective local marketing plan.

Global Brand

  • OEM/ODM production agency
  • BI/CU/product design production
  • Media promotion/SNS marketing
  • Overseas trademark registration agency

If you want to secure price competitiveness
Overseas OEM/ODM production agency

It is possible to immediately recruit factories in China and Southeast Asia,
You can request production of various industrial products from clothing to materials and parts.

Favorability improves with sense and quality! Logo and product design request service

CI/BI/product design optimized for overseas local sentiment and sense
Provides an optimal design.

  • Corporate logo We propose a globally appealing design,
    You can reach more customers.
  • BI design Forming the brand image according to the target,
    We will find the exact trend and concept.
  • Product design Product design supply such as clothing, bags, shoes, etc.
    We connect to production.

If you want to register overseas trademarks and patents, International intellectual property registration agency

To a global network including China and Southeast Asia.
Overseas intellectual property registration is cheaper and faster.

  • International trademark registration
  • International patent registration
  • International design
    Patent registration
  • International trademark search

Marketing through overseas SNS/news Global Media Marketing Service

Through overseas viral and press release distribution
We provide consulting on successful overseas expansion.

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