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Digitization of complex distribution structures
Relacette Franchise

Have you been expanding your business in the form of an agency or franchise?
Plan a digital transformation with the relaket franchise.

Sales of affiliate stores with the same product
configuration as the headquarters store

Differentiate distribution of offline distribution business
through online sales mall function

The Relaket franchise service model is
It is composed of main service and additional service centering on pre-sale mall management.

Main service

  • Sales Mall
  • Dropshipping
  • Store
  • Global

Extra service

  • Partner
  • Integrated Market Management System
  • Look-book
  • ITO
  • WMS
  • Statistics

Complete coverage of offline special distribution structure from B2B distribution companies to door-to-door sales

Online integration of advanced offline distribution structure
We provide services suitable for affiliated stores, agencies, and door-to-door sales.

  • Franchise

    Dining out, fashion, convenience store, beauty, various wholesale and retail and service industries, etc.

  • Sales agency

    Processed food, office supplies, communication services, electronic products, furniture, brand fashion, etc.

  • B2B distribution, distributor

    Beauty, fashion, agricultural and marine products, toys, household goods, medicines, health functional foods, etc.

  • Door-to-door sales & multi-level

    Beauty, household goods, health functional food, health auxiliary equipment, etc.

Manage offline franchise online Build efficient non-face-to-face sales processes

Online integration of advanced offline distribution structure
We provide services suitable for affiliated stores, agencies, and door-to-door sales.

  • N supply/seller sales mall operation support
  • Through dropshipping, each franchise runs out of stock
  • Global service immediately after setting
  • The sales mall can be operated independently
  • Purchase customer data can be obtained

Implementation of advanced online franchise expansion model as business grows

  • O2O (on+off) integrated operation
  • Expansion of business models such as B2B and MRO
  • Provide models for employees, door-to-door sales,
    and closed malls
  • Expansion of external sales channels
    such as open markets
  • Global expansion (head office + agency)

Integration of offline and online distribution Consensus with Relaket Franchise Service

Now, sell the number of online shopping malls as many as the number of affiliates.
The more shopping malls you have, the more sales you can expect.

  • Inventory management efficiency

    Integrated management of product orders, orders, inventory, etc.Efficient management of company-wide resources

  • Expansion of sales channels

    Expansion of sales channels such as affiliate channels, SNS, and additional online sales expected

  • Various business development

    Various businesses such as MRO, network marketing, and paid membership are possible

  • Global expansion

    Expandable to global distribution with reasonable cost and little effort

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