돈 안드는 홍보, 어필리에이트 마케팅
릴라켓 SNS 마케팅

쉽게 인플루언서와 제휴할 수 있는 어필리에이트 시스템으로
저비용 고효율 SNS 마케팅을 진행할 수 있습니다.

  • Affiliate customers can share the goods they want to
    share via their personal SNS.
  • When a purchase occurs through the shared link,
    the margin will be settled.
  • relacket SNS marketingstore visit rate, sales rate UP!

The easiest way
to do influencer marketing

Your customer can be a creator and voluntarily participate in viral marketing.
If someone buy your product via the link you shared, you can get a reward for it.
It enables you to do more active public relations work.

  • Seller From influencers to ordinary consumers,
    anyone can be my partner and support me with promoting my goods and it dramatically increase the marketing effctiveness.
    Even with multiple partners, It`s easy to manage and balance profits!

  • Influencers Good thing was that sourcing was easy online.
    I can check the inflow of visitors and purchase in real time. It`s really attractive that I could get reward for each every new purchase.

You don`t have to do anything
to share your goods to various SNS channels.

When influencers of customers share and recommend the goods via their personal SNS channel,
you can increase the inflow to your store by enhancing the reliability in the product.

  • Is it possible to make money just by sharing via SNS?
  • You get rewards as much as the conversion rate. Keep on promoting!
  • You can just stay at home, chilling, and share. Tell you friends to join!

The statistics give you
market insight.

With Partner Activity Statistics Function, you can get marketing insights on marketing direction and efficiency
by checking & analyzing key indicators for operating a store such as customer flows
by date and channel, purchase pattern, etc.

You can see the number of hits on each SNS, age and gender of your visitors, and most clicked goods, which makes your marketing a lot easier. 

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