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Integrated Market Management System
We can increase sales and reduce repetitive tasks.
Expand the domestic and overseas open markets
at once!
If you register a product once in Lilacet,
it will be sold exposed to 30 domestic and overseas open markets at the same time.
마켓통합관리노트북 상품리스트
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Even if the sales channel increases, it can be managed collectively like a single shopping mall.

  • 마켓통합관리

    Integrated management of product, order collection, delivery CS processing,

    It can reduce all repetitions of online sales and increase
    work efficiency.
  • 재고자동업데이트

    Automatic inventory update.

    Whenever an order occurs, inventory is automatically updated so that
    immediate inventory check is possible.
  • 다국어지원

    Support for overseas open market sales.

    From automatic global language translation to convenient overseas delivery,
    The start of global sellers is also a reelarket.
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Even if I don't have my own prize, I can start
If you choose and store the product, Lilacet will take care of the packaging, delivery, storage, and inventory of

The cumulative number of linked products.

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The growing brand is already with Relacket.
Canon Korea Business Solution.
We provided online sales malls to dealerships nationwide and innovated the entire distribution and sales process of
Canon Korea Business Solution has established an efficient non-face-to-face sales process by providing online sales malls to dealerships nationwide. The headquarters successfully grew online sales by managing the overall sales and distribution network with a reelacket.
We are operating overseas malls stably by utilizing the Relacket Store function that enables rapid global expansion.
Nanning-gu's overseas store is customized as a reelacket to reflect Nanning-gu's unique experience and brand value
. Global sales
functions such as
automatic multilingual translation and exchange rate conversion of relacket are used.
We have achieved great results by expanding and exposing our products to about 30 open markets and integrating
T&Mov exposes products to multiple open markets at the same time, and integrates
entire channels and tasks into a reelacket.
We are making great achievements as we can secure customers not only in Korea but also in overseas channels.

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