Various concerns about online business
Solve it with the new e-commerce platform Relaket

It only takes 3 MINUTES
to own your personalized store
Relaket Store

Create a store and combine it with Rilacket extension services
You can expand your business smarter.

  • Novice business peoplewho are about to start a new shopping mall
  • Global sellerswho want to sell overseas direct goods
  • Corporate clientswhich are preparing for official shopping malls
  • Headquarters & Affiliateswhich want to parcel online franchise store

Registered domestic and overseas open markets at once
Relaket market integrated management

Automatically link products to multiple domestic/overseas sales channels
Order/delivery/CS can be managed in an integrated manner.

  • Products in multiple markets
    I wish I could register at once...
  • Order, Shipping CS all information
    Wish I could have handled it in one place...
  • More convenient for overseas markets
    I wish I could sell and manage...

No capital stock sales service
RELAKET drop shipping

Leave all the troublesome delivery and inventory burden to Rilacket
You can focus more on sales and business.

  • You do not have to worry about my productsProducts by RELAKET Wholesale Supplier
  • Troublesome inventory managementwill be managed by Relaket`s wholesale services
  • When my order arrives,Relaket`s wholesale services deal with them directly

Money-free promotion, affiliate marketing

It is an affiliate system that can be easily affiliated with influencers.
You can conduct low-cost, high-efficiency SNS marketing.

  • Affiliate customers can share the goods they want to
    share via their personal SNS.
  • When a purchase occurs through the shared link,
    the margin will be settled.
  • With Relaket`s affiliate marketing,
    rate is going to up and up.

Digitization of complex distribution structures
Solved with RELAKET franchise!

Have you expanded your business in the form of a dealership or franchise?
Plan your digital transformation with the Relaket franchise.

Sales of affiliate stores with the same product configuration as the headquarters store

Service features provided by RELAKET

  • Global store
  • Integrated Market Management System
  • Drop shipping
  • Affiliate
  • Multi Vendor (Supply)
  • Franchise
  • Integrated SCM
  • Easy Payment
  • WMS
  • Quotation Center
  • SNS Commerce
  • Look-book
  • CMS
  • ERP linkage
  • Chatbot/Push/SMS
  • Settlement
  • Big Data Statistics
  • Cloud infrastructure