It only takes 3 MINUTES
to own your personalized store
Relaket Store

Create your own store in 3 MINUTES with Relaket!
We provide custom-built own store only with customized construct and necessary functions according to the seller`s level.

  • Novice business peoplewho are about to start a new shopping mall
  • Global sellerswho want to sell overseas direct goods
  • Corporate clientswhich are preparing for official shopping malls
  • Headquarters & Affiliateswhich want to parcel online franchise store

Mr. Smith of the United States,
loyal Xiao-chan Tokyo store China

Beyond the one-dimensional global store called Google's translation service and visa card payment,
the country's consumers to provide a familiar environment, such as those purchased from a local online store.

  • Local language translation directly to a natural person
  • Provide Paypal, Ali pay, wechat pay such payment methods most commonly used by local
  • Easy and fast shipping abroad can relaket International Shipping Easy procedure

Even overseas buyers
can be your customers.

Appeal your attractiveness of your goods through Relaket`s sensational Lookbook.
You can ensure wide range of customers not only in domestic market, but in the foreign market as well.

Deliver goods to domestic/overseas buyers

Naver Smart Store also
automatically time management

Enables the automatic linking of the relaket and Naver Relaket Store Smart Store two stores at once, you can easily manage.

Sales by customer satisfaction rises UP! Sales UP!

Easily the flu eonseo marketing
through voluntary sharing SNS

Anyone can easily share my store items with a single click through their SNS.
Rewards offers as contribution to the revenue helps customers are willing to share your product to promote.

Global inflation Lou eonseo they can purchase my store items to share with you a familiar payment method and language as sns comfortable sseudeon in its products.

The franchise model of offline to online

Your head office has Merchants will try to take advantage of the relaket like the offline store franchise.
Merchants to concentrate on the pre-sale branding the company tried to buy a relaket store to sell goods to the headquarters of the stable product quality,
delivery and merchants are focused on sales and marketing, and you can expect a greater synergy.

  • Signatories Store
  • Signatories Store
  • Signatories Store
  • Signatories Store
  • Signatories Store


Upload Items Depending on the plan PICK drop shipping products can be registered within the product register 10 cases only (for the experience) Unlimited items can be registered within the available Pick Product Registration depending on drop-shipping plan
Connect Domain Use Domain Services
ex. store.relaket.com/papacoco
Individual domains can be connected (1)
ex. www.papacoco.com
Traffic and capacity Disk capacity unlimited traffic unlimited capacity external image links can not (however, drop shipping items can be external image link)
Global Language
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
Global Language packs can be selected (to be continued, including additional language Russian / Vietnamese)
Payment Services Domestic payment services Relaket Taipei, integrated electronic payment (PG service), and express payment services, international integrated electronic payment (PG Services)

International Payment Services International Integrated electronic payment (PG service), simple payment service
AliPay / TenPay / PayPal / Visa / Master / Amex / JCB / UnionPay / MolPay
PG subscriptions and fees
Representative Franchise Billing functionality is installed automatically required a separate PG and abroad to join and free to install Relaket in Relakete
PG representing franchising fees
For Free
Representative member / member option can be selected directly When selecting individual directly affiliated businesses who sign up and installation of the PG needs
PG direct franchising fees
200,000MYR(VAT excluded)

Use PG Company - Nice page
Payment fees Credit card3.8% (Other fees guide) Credit card3.5% (Other fees guide)
May use pricing -VAT excluded For Free 50,000MYR
TIP Use If you do not know what to begin production from the mall where minute Anyone who hopes to sell no products, please begin to store Lv1. If you have a minute if you want to run a mall and also, earnest product to sell, or a shopping mall and operational experience to select the Store Lv2.
Basic Features
  • Store Management
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Members
  • Product
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Shippings
  • Shipping Policy
  • Manage Coupons
  • Customer Center/Management Board
  • PC Exhibitions / Promotions
  • Mobile Exhibitions / Promotions
  • Interlocking Naver service
  • Manage Exchange / Return Requests
  • Store Stats (Dashboard)
  • Settlement management
  • Global sales set
  • Sales Application
Associated services
Interlocking Naver service