Your personalized store, complete in 3 minutes
Relaket store

Now, through your relaket, make your own store that'll be ready in three minutes. Depending on the level of the seller, I offer my own store that is smartly tailored to the required functions and configurations.

  • (번역)First time to start a shopping mallstart-up beginner
  • (번역)Sale of overseas direct goodsGlobal seller
  • (번역)Preparing for the official online mallCorporate customer
  • (번역)Who want to sell the online store at the franchise store.Head office & member store

Mr. Smith of the United States, and Mr. Xiaozhang of China
A regular customer of my shop

Beyond Google's one-dimensional global store of translation services and Visa card payments, it offers a familiar environment, such as buying from local online stores.

  • (번역)사람이 직접 번역한 자연스러운 현지언어
  • (번역)페이팔, 알리페이, 위챗페이 등 현지별 가장 많이 사용하는 결제 수단 제공
  • (번역)간편한 절차의 릴라켓 해외배송으로 쉽고 빠른 해외배송 가능

A foreign buyer who is difficult to visit in person. On my customer
Relaket global store

Appeal more attractive to my products through a sensuous relaquette lookbook. Not only in Korea but also overseas buyers, who are unable to visit in person, can check their products through their lookbooks to gain a wider customer base.

Delivery of goods to
domestic/foreign buyers

Naver Smart Store
Auto-manage at a time

The automatic link between the relaket store and the Naver Smart Store makes it easy to manage both stores at once.

Customer Satisfaction IncreaseSales UP! SalesUP!

Through voluntary SNS sharing,
It's easy to market the influencer

Anyone can easily share my store's products via their SNS with a click We've contributed a lot to our sales, and we've been providing you with the Rewards to help you voluntarily share and promote my products.

When global influencer shares my store product with SNS, Just like the language you used in your country and the familiar payment method.
You can purchase products comfortably.

Offline franchise model
On online

For our customers, use the Relaket store as an offline franchise.
Sell the Relaket Store to the franchises to sell our products reliably
We can focus on the company's branding, product quality, and shipping, while the franchises focus on sales and marketing, and expect greater synergy.

  • A franchise store
  • A franchise store
  • A franchise store
  • A franchise store
  • A franchise store

Store PLAN Details

Register Product PICK product register by draffic shipping pick

10 of my products can be registered (experience only)
Pick products can be registered according to drop-shipping plan

Unlimited registration of my products
Domain connection Using the Service Domain
ex. store.relaket.com/papacoco
Individual domain connections (1).
ex. www.papacoco.com
Traffic and Capacity Unlimited disk capacity

Traffic Capacity Unlimited

External image link not possible (External image link is possible for drop-shipping products)디스크 용량 무제한

트래픽 용량 무제한

외부 이미지 링크 불가 (단, 드롭쉬핑 상품은 외부 이미지 링크 가능)
Global Language
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
Selectable global language pack
(Russian/Vietnam etc. to be added continuously)
Payment service Domestic payment service Relaket Pay, Integrated Electronic Payment (PG Service), Easy Payment Service, Overseas Integrated Electronic Payment (PG Service)

Overseas payment service Overseas Integrated Electronic Payment (PG Service), Easy Payment Service
AliPay / TenPay / PayPal / Visa / Master / Amex / JCB / UnionPay / MolPay
PG subscription method and subscription fee
Representative affiliation The free payment function provided by the relaquette is automatically installed
No additional PG subscription or installation required at home and abroad
Representative-owned PG subscription fee
Choice of representative/occupant options Need to subscribe to PG and install individual business name when selecting a member of staff
Direct member PG subscription fee
RM200,000(VAT separate department)

PG Corporation - Nice Pay
Payment fee Credit Card3.8% (Separate information on other fees) Credit Card3.5% (Separate information on other fees)
Monthly price -VAT separate department free RM50,000
Using TIP If you don't know where to start building the mall, If you want to sell without a product, start with Store Lv1. If you have a product to sell, if you're going to run a shopping mall in earnest Or, if you have experience in shopping mall business and operation, select Store Lv2.
Basic function
  • Store Management
  • Category Management
  • Membership
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Shipping Policy
  • Coupon Management
  • Customer Service Center/Management Board
  • PC Display/Promotion
  • Mobile Display/Promotion
  • Link to Naver Service
  • Exchange / Return Management
  • Statistics
  • Settlement management
  • Global Sales Settings
  • Sales Application
linked service
Link to Naver Service

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