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    Rilaquet started with an online store, open market, franchise, SNS,
    We will infinitely expand your business to the global level.

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  • Global online sales agency service for brands We suggest the optimal e-commerce strategy for brand company sales

  • Smart B2B, B2C store for fashion wholesale boss


It only takes 3 MINUTES
to own your personalized store
Relaket Store

Create your own store in 3 MINUTES with Relaket!
We provide custom-built own store only with customized construct and necessary functions according to the seller`s level.

  • Novice business peoplewho are about to start a new shopping mall
  • Global sellerswho want to sell overseas direct goods
  • Corporate clientswhich are preparing for official shopping malls
  • Headquarters & Affiliateswhich want to parcel online franchise store

Registered domestic and overseas open markets at once
Rilacket market integrated management

Relaket`s Integrated market management will enable you to handle all the registrations, orders, shippings, and claims easily in both domestic and overseas market.

  • If you are bothered
    by registering and editing all your products
    and wish you could handle them at one go...
  • If you want to just glance at
    all your products, orders, shippings, and claims
    of each market and easily handle them...
  • When selling to global markets,
    If you want the exchange rates
    to be automatically calculated...

No products, No shipping.
Relaket drop shipping

Rilacket allows you to start a shopping mall without buying.
Leave all the cumbersome delivery handling and inventory management to Rilacket and focus on sales.

  • You do not have to worry about my productsProducts by RELAKET Wholesale Supplier
  • Troublesome inventory managementwill be managed by Relaket`s wholesale services
  • When my order arrives,Relaket`s wholesale services deal with them directly

Digitization of complex distribution structures Solved with Rilacket franchise!

Have you been expanding your business in the form of an agency or franchise? Plan your digital transformation with the Rilacket franchise.

Sales of affiliate stores with the same product configuration as the headquarters store

Even overseas buyers
can be your customers.

Appeal your attractiveness of your goods through Relaket`s sensational Lookbook.
You can ensure wide range of customers not only in domestic market, but in the foreign market as well.

Deliver goods to domestic/overseas buyers

You don`t need any basic knowledge about advertising and marketing.
Relaket Affiliate Marketing

Affiliater campaign refers to a service which a provider and affiliated partner can promote the goods togethwer via SNS and raise progit.

  • Affiliate customers can share the goods they want to
    share via their personal SNS.
  • When a purchase occurs through the shared link,
    the margin will be settled.
  • With Relaket`s affiliate marketing,
    rate is going to up and up.

Uncertain overseas market Conquer with global marketing services!

Do you want to enter the Chinese, Southeast Asian and North American markets or increase your competitiveness? Global marketing services guide you through local experience and trend-based success strategies.

  • SEO
  • Local social marketing
  • Sales strategy
  • Promotional articles
  • Product customization
  • Trademark registration

Create a successful business story with the various features of Rilacket

  • Global store Over 20 languages/exchange rate conversion and overseas payment
  • Integrated Market Management System Integrated management of 35 domestic/overseas market products and orders
  • Drop shipping Provides drop shipping process using B2B
  • Affiliate marketing Social media-based marketing service
  • Multi Vendor (Supply) Provides a structure for sellers such as editing shops and general malls
  • Franchise (Sales) Online store opening and sub-store management system
  • Integrated SCM Multilingual B0 support for various supply management
  • Easy Payment Naver Pay / Kakao Pay / Widget Pay / Alipay linkage
  • WMS / Fulfillment Warehouse management/integrated order management/ordering, shipping management/delivery management
  • Quotation Center Online quotation and purchase proposal system
  • SNS Commerce SNS linkage system / influencer matching system
  • Lookbook (e-catalog) Online catalog and website production
  • CMS Content registration, management and product image thumbnail conversion
  • ERP linkage ERP linkage (DuZone) linkage with corporate backbone
  • Chatbot/Push/SMS Provide mobile marketing framework and link offline events
  • Settlement Support customized settlement according to the desired cycle
  • Big Data Statistics Provides various reports through commerce big data analysis
  • Cloud infrastructure Cloud infrastructure-based CDN/security service