An easy start-up without goods, without delivery
Relaket Drop Shipping

In Relaket, you can start a shopping mall without any money or stock. Leave the cumbersome shipping to Relaket comfortably and just worry about the sales activity.

  • I don't care if I don't have my product.Start-up as a wholesale supplier of relaket
  • Troublesome inventory managementRelaket Wholesale Supply Company manages it on its own
  • When my store order comes inDelivery is handled directly by the Relaket Wholesale supplier

Full of well-selling goods
Relaket Wholesale Acting Agent

Relaket drop-shipping shows popular products by major categories such as fashion and beauty.
Helps the seller sell more reliably by securing large quantities at a low price.

  • (번역)Various productsy bymain category
  • Daily updates oftrendy products
  • Low-costhigh-quality products

Even if I don't have my own product, okay!
No Product Photography, No Stocks

Can be a business without my product in relaket.
Simply source the product you want to sell online via relaket drop-shipping.

  • Within the relaket drop-shippingselect the product you want to sell
  • If provided by the Lilacet wholesale supplierRegister for the product in my store
The burden of finding a wholesalerNO!The hassle of filming a productNO!Inventory burdenNO!

Inventory management, delivery processing
Don't do that.

Please leave it to Relaket drop-shipping for troublesome inventory, frequent shipping, and all of your hassle.

  • I'm weak with numbers...
    Daily inventory status
    It's a job to figure out...
  • We check our products every night,
    Pack the product every day,
    going to send a courier... I'm tired...
  • by region or weight.
    Is different the shipping cost?
    The monthly delivery package contract is...
    should be more than by 100?
  • Delivery processing
  • Purchase of goods
  • Delivery Request
  • Consumer
  • Supplier
  • Seller
The easiest way to run a shopping mall Relaket drop-shipping!

Competitive Overseas sourcing
Let's make it easy in relaket drop-shipping

If you are worried about price competitiveness because there are many sellers who sell products like me,Sourcing and selling foreign products at Relaket Drop-Shipping.

  • Within the relaket drop-shippingselect the product you want to sell
  • If provided by the Lilacet wholesale supplierRegister for the product in my store
Competitiveness of my storeUP!Number of loyal customersUP!

Drop-shifting PLAN details

PICK product
Number of save

Total number of items that can store & lt; br / & gt; PICK products in the store

500Order(s) 10,000Order(s) 80,000Order(s)
Number of orders

Only those that occur on the Pickled Products
Number of orders (excluding cancellation/refund)

50Order(s)/Month 500Order(s)/Month Unlimited
inventory reflection function Store Inventory Pickup Product Interlocking Update & lt; br / & gt; & lt; br / & gt;Product linked domestic and foreign market channel Pick product inventory update
Ordering and Delivery Functions Automatic ordering of order goods

Pick item automatic shipping / monitoring function

Automatic invoice number issue / shipping tracking function
Monthly price -VAT separate department
  • free
  • RM30,000
  • RM80,000

※ If you exceed the number of orders for Pick products, you will be charged an additional 100 won per case, so we recommend you upgrade your rate within one month.

Basic function
Pick Market
  • Pick Product Category
  • Pick Product Search
  • By brand
  • Exhibition
  • Event
  • Customer Service Center
  • My Page
Drop Shipping Back office
  • Sales application status
  • Management products pick
  • Pick product order management
  • Shipping monitoring
  • Pick product settlement management
linked service
Using TIP If you're a prospective operator who starts selling the product, Try it for free on online sales at drop-shifting level1 Startup for shopping mall or without worry about buying / stock If you are interested in selling in domestic / overseas market Please select drop shipping level 2. If you are a corporate member or a professional distributor and would like to distribute / sell a large amount of merchandise, we would like to recommend a drop shipping level of 3