Do not waste time for managing Relaket Interation Management

Integrated management of reel racket market makes it easier and easier to manage by integrating product registration, order, shipping, and claim by domestic and overseas markets at once.

  • If you can do it at once, it is troublesome to register and modify the product for each market.
  • Market-specific products, orders, shipping,
    Collect the claims in one place If you could handle it ...
  • When selling to global markets
    Currency calculations without direct If it was converted automatically ...

(번역)딱 한 번이면 충분한
국내외 마켓별 상품 동시 등록

In integrated management of reel racket market, not only domestic but also global market are all linked together.
When registering your products at once! Even when you edit your price or market ad! Only one hassle is enough.

  • (번역)번거로운 작업은 딱 한번으로편의성 UP! UP!
  • (번역)쉽고 간편한 판매채널 확대로매출 증대 UP! UP!

(번역)마켓별 주문/배송/클레임 관리도
한 번에 클리어

(번역)마켓 별로 따로 따로 관리해야 했던 주문, 배송, 클레임 관리!
이제 릴라켓 마켓통합관리에서 한 번에 모아서 확인하고 관리하세요. 판매자님의 불필요한 시간 낭비를 확! 줄여드립니다.

(번역)일괄 수집 (번역)일괄 처리 (번역)마켓별 상품, 주문, 배송, 클레임 일괄 수집 (번역)릴라켓 마켓통합관리에서 한 번에 보고 일괄 처리

(번역)손 많이 가는 재고관리
따로 하지 마세요

Every time an order came in, it was hard to check it out, and sometimes we couldn't afford to cancel the order because we couldn't make any inventory, right? Relaker market Integration Management automatically updates inventory whenever an order is placed, allowing immediate inventory check.

  • (번역)판매 채널이 몇개인데
    주문 들어올때마다
    재고확인 너무 귀찮아...
  • (번역)재고가 없었네!
    주문 취소하면
    판매지수 낮아질텐데...
  • (번역)재고가 자동 업데이트 되니
    관리가 훨씬 쉬워졌어!
  • (번역)재고관리 할 시간에
    마케팅에 집중했더니
    매출이 올랐어!

(번역)글로벌 셀러의 시작도
역시 릴라켓

(번역)글로벌 셀러의 시작도 릴라켓에선 훨씬 쉬워집니다.
글로벌 마켓 판매 시 늘 신경쓰였던 환율도 자동변환이 지원되며
글로벌 언어 자동 번역, 편리한 해외배송까지, 글로벌 셀러의 시작도 역시 릴라켓입니다.

  • (번역)따로 계산할 필요 없는환율 자동 변환 시스템
  • (번역)글로벌 언어 자동번역
  • (번역)빠르고 간편한 해외배송 지원

Plan Details for Market Integrated Management

Item DB number 100Order(s) 1,000Order(s) 2,000Order(s) 10,000Order(s) 20,000Order(s) 40,000Order(s)

What is the number of items DB storage? Based on the number of items that can be stored in the product DB

Market Integrated Management & lt; br / & gt; Number of items allowed 100Order(s) 1,000Order(s) 2,000Order(s) 10,000Order(s) 20,000Order(s) 40,000Order(s)

What is the allowed number of items for market Integrated Management? (번역)

  • Market integration management is available for both Pick products /Internal products
Market linkage
Number of product registration
200time 2,000time 10,000time 20,000time 40,000time 80,000time

What is the market linked product registration number? Number of registered products that can be registered in each market linked to each market. (Open market / general mall, etc)

  • There is no restriction on the number of times of interlocking with modification / deletion of products linked to each market.
  • You can register automatically / manually mapping the categories by each market channel
  • You can edit the product name, detailed information, shipping policy setting for each market channel
Number of orders collected 200Order(s) 2,000Order(s) 10,000Order(s) 20,000Order(s) 40,000Order(s) 80,000Order(s)

What is the number of orders collected? The number of orders collected in the market

  • Except the cancel during order collection / refund during order collection
  • We charge an additional charge of 20 won per case when the number of order collection exceeds, so we recommend to upgrade the rate within one month.
Setting fee Initial installation cost free free free RM500,000 RM700,000 RM1,000,000
Monthly price -VAT separate department RMfree RM100,000 RM200,000 RM400,000 RM550,000 RM900,000
Basic function
Product Integrated Management Menu
Affiliate link management menu
  • Setting
  • Channels Link
  • Statistics for sales detail
  • Statistics for Sales channel
linked service
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  • Lotte.com
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