An easy way for organizations and community activation,
Relaket Together

Relaket Together is a closed shopping mall services for corporate employees, groups and meeting their members.

  • I hope to have one in-house welfare Mall for employees who suffer
  • Meeting members wish I could share with each other and make purchases as a good product
  • We need the goods required for the operation Council by budget

Featured Destination

  • Need small and medium-sized organizations or companies for staff members Sheepdog Welfare
  • Interested in buying supplies like child care for healthy foods for your family or children or housewives Community Cafe
  • Class or student council purchased the necessary equipment and stationery
  • Pets groups interested in buying supplies rejected
  • Anyone interested in the effective organization / management and community activation

Easy customizable Store Together automatically generates
for the organization and the community

If you select only the categories according to the type of community organization and the Together Mall store closed forms are generated automatically

  • By a variety of categories Together Store offers
  •  I do not need to submit documents An online application choganpyeon
  • And at the same time apply Together automatically generates store

No Zero Cost Management
Application and at the same time, use OK

Relaket Together does not like to join any of the operating and related expenses, you can directly access at no extra management

  • Fees and annual dues, without the need All services provided free of charge
  • From product registration to payment module Together automatically store settings
  • Together with the simultaneously generated Store Available for immediate purchase and payment

The purchases
Reserve a step by step

Together members whenever we make purchases We earn a certain amount of sales, which can be refunded in cash grants to organizations and community activities

  • Relaket Together exclusive products Available every day to Offer
  •  Together members when purchasing goods Our 10% earn
  •  Stacked reserve the cashback Use the organization / community grants

Relaket Together Sample Store

Relaket together are provided in two forms for business and classroom, and will continue to add support to the mall closed type of different categories.