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The ecommerce integrated platform that provides one-stop services, from store openings to wholesale brokerage, shipping agency and market integration management

Your personalized store, complete in 3 minutes
Relaket store

Now, through your relaket, make your own store that'll be ready in three minutes. Depending on the level of the seller, I offer my own store that is smartly tailored to the required functions and configurations.

  • (번역)First time to start a shopping mallstart-up beginner
  • (번역)Sale of overseas direct goodsGlobal seller
  • (번역)Preparing for the official online mallCorporate customer
  • (번역)Who want to sell the online store at the franchise store.Head office & member store

An easy start-up without goods, without delivery
Relaket Drop Shipping

In Relaket, you can start a shopping mall without any money or stock. Leave the cumbersome shipping to Relaket comfortably and just worry about the sales activity.

  • I don't care if I don't have my product.Start-up as a wholesale supplier of relaket
  • Troublesome inventory managementRelaket Wholesale Supply Company manages it on its own
  • When my store order comes inDelivery is handled directly by the Relaket Wholesale supplier

Do not waste time for managing Relaket Interation Management

Integrated management of reel racket market makes it easier and easier to manage by integrating product registration, order, shipping, and claim by domestic and overseas markets at once.

  • If you can do it at once, it is troublesome to register and modify the product for each market.
  • Market-specific products, orders, shipping,
    Collect the claims in one place If you could handle it ...
  • When selling to global markets
    Currency calculations without direct If it was converted automatically ...

A foreign buyer who is difficult to visit in person. On my customer
Relaket global store

Appeal more attractive to my products through a sensuous relaquette lookbook. Not only in Korea but also overseas buyers, who are unable to visit in person, can check their products through their lookbooks to gain a wider customer base.

Delivery of goods to
domestic/foreign buyers

I don't know about advertising marketing, but it's okay.

The Appearator Campaign is a service that allows customers who have partnered with product suppliers to promote their products through SNS to increase their profits.

  • (번역)If your affiliate wants to share somethingShare products to your social media
  • (번역)When a purchase is made via a shared linkSales revenue settlement
  • (번역)For Relaket Affilate marketingStore visit rate, sales rate UP! UP!

By business
Success Custom Plan

Depending on the type of business, choose only the services you need. All the services you need on one platform can help you grow your business quickly.

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