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RELAKET that even beginners shopping mall founders become power sellers

Sellingbot is a new concept shopping mall operating service that enters domestic open market / social commerce based on domestic and overseas product DB,
automatically uploads product information, manages sales and delivers.

  • a busy and busy worker
  • a beginner who is afraid of running a shopping mall
  • young men and retireeswho dream of starting small-capital enterprise
  • a housewife and college studentwho want a stable side job

Unnecessary Initial Costs Zero, Product Management No, Marketing No 100% successful business

Start up a previously difficult and barren mall, run a shopping mall with a lot of hands and a headache.
Now, we're helping the Sellingbot to be more comfortable and care less.

  • Traditional difficult and complex shopping mall operation
    Expenditure such as market research expenses, education expenses, etc.
    Complexity, such as sourcing, inventory management, and content creation
    Marketing efforts, such as discounts, events, etc.
  • Running a smart shopping mall with a selling bot
    No sales-related costs
    No product sourcing, management, shooting, and content registration required
    Optimal product exposure eliminates marketing

linked from domestic and overseas suppliers 100 million Unique Products DB

Tens of thousands of popular items from home and abroad are automatically registered as shopping malls operated by members and consist of differentiated products that other open market power sellers in Korea do not have.

  • Foreign Language Product Information Translation
    Recycling content to increase purchases
  • never sold in the country
    Unique Sales Products Composition
  • Duplicate/price advantage screening
    Layout and exposure of superior products

Earn 10 million won in monthly sales in just two months. Continuing revenue growth

Increase in daily sales to a different level.!
Net revenue of 500,000 won on average after 3 months without doing anything

  • Daily sales amount (Unit:10,000)

    Sale price Minimum
    visible revenue performance
  • Daily Orders

    Number of orders Number of cancellations
    non-high return rate

Big data analysis shows that the growth criteria for most shopping malls are two million won
in monthly sales and 10 million won in two months in a surprising growth rate.

How can I sell
as a selling bot?

The entire process of operating the mall is self-contained by the Sellingbot.
All you need to do is to manage CS and settlement, including "subscribe to a sellingbot" and customer inquiries.

RELAKET Manage automatically
  • RELAKET 가입 After entering the open market, registering the subscription information with the service_company after entering the subscription
    business report
    open market on the RELAKET page
  • Market Link Registered Open Market Interlink
  • goods/order Selected product registration
    (Competitive Product Selection)
    Order, Shipment Processing
  • Sales generation CS processing
    Settlement management

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